Anthariksham Movie

Anthariksham Movie Discription 9,000 Km/h

Movie : Anthariksham Movie

Director: Sankalp Reddy

Producer: Krish

Music Director: Prashanth R.Vihari

Cast Varun Tej, Hindu deity Rao Hydari, Lavanya Tripathi

Release date: twenty one Dec, 2018

Director Sankalp Reddy’s Anthariksham pic is one in all those formidable comes that you simply urgently wish to love. It’s tollywood initial house film, after all. everybody remembers WHO the primary man to maneuver on the spce was, however not most the second else. Being initial, venturing into one thing new for the trade incorporates a sure worth, and full marks to Anthariksham pic for making an attempt.

Anthariksham pic is unquestionably not a Hollywood film. Sankalp Reddy’s is modest – his characters simply wish to save lots of part of Republic of India. however one needs that this director, WHO appears to own a true thirst to require Telugu cinema to vera level, would get a author on board. Sankalp Reddy’s write a correct script.It is the sets, photography and VFX in trailer work that basically carry Anthariksham pic through. only if the budget is obscurity on the brink of Hollywood flicks, the visual effects area unit spectacularand persuade u. s.

that this unlikely bunch very is in house. whether or not we have a tendency to don’t care concerning the characters crying, it’s fun to work out their tears floating up – however higher a movie this may are if the eye to detail had additionally been extended to the story telling! Prashanth R. Vihari’s Anthariksham pic within the background score in trailer is kind of addictive whether or not the playscript doesn’t very keep North American country on tenterhooks concerning the ticking hands of the clock. Anthariksham pic looks like a incomprehensible chance. It’s neither a correct ‘masala’ film, nor a complicated adventure story.

However despite the very fact that it ne’er very dashes, it deserves a consolation prize for making an attempt. Here’s hoping Sankalp Reddy’s gets some specialists on board the subsequent time and doesn’t try and be the magician-director-writer.

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